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NRF2022 revealed a wealth of insights and innovations to accelerate your retail transformation. Here are some of the learnings our experts brought back from New York:

  • How to reduce waste and returns and optimize inventory and prices
  • How to further enhance the in-store customer experience through interactive, automated, or self-service innovations
  • How to improve the checkout process to optimize capacity and reduce costs
  • How to leverage augmented reality, the metaverse and initial non-fungible token (NFT) opportunities to drive growth
  • The latest trends in artificial intelligence

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From omnichannel profitability to supply chain agility to environmental and social sustainability challenges, a radical transformation is underway in the retail industry.

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Through our end-to-end retail value chain expertise, regional knowledge and global delivery capabilities, we help organizations become more agile, sustainable and customer-centric digital enterprises. Explore our comprehensive services—from strategic IT and business consulting to intellectual property-based solutions, systems integration and managed services offerings.

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Achieving omnichannel profitability

The rise of e-commerce and omnichannel retail is impacting business models and operations, heightening customers’ expectations and increasing the cost to meet them.

How can you rethink business models and optimize operations?

Delivering a unified experience

The most innovative retail companies use data across the entire customer journey, including while a transaction is underway, completely transforming the sales funnel.

How can you make data more agile to enhance the customer experience?

Improving supply chain agility

Some retailers have neglected investing in modernizing their supply chain because they’ve been focused on front-end solutions.

What’s the best way to enable inventory accuracy and optimization, end-to-end supply chain visibility, and orchestrate order management?

Empowering employees

Retailers need to motivate store employees by providing them with the right information and tools to prioritize activities, optimize performance and satisfy customers.

What are the right information and tools you can give your employees to support critical business processes?

Embracing sustainability

The sheer volume of sustainability issues that retailers face makes it difficult for them to identify the most important ones that are connected to their profit and purpose.

How can you navigate information to build sustainable and profitable business models?

Accelerating the transformation journey

Digital leaders place a premium on collaboration and are 24% more likely to collaborate more efficiently than less mature retail organizations.

(Source: 2021 CGI Voice of Our Clients)

Are you ready to move from a project to a product-driven approach to foster innovation, fuel agility and create value?

Protecting through cybersecurity

Our research indicates that those executives who accelerate digital also accelerate regulatory and security priorities.

How can you stay ahead of the game to accelerate your transformation securely?


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