The launch of DISH Pay advances digitization, drives future revenue and is set to become the leading HoReCa digital payment provider in Europe. 

Transitioning from acquisition to expansion

DISH Digital Solutions GmbH (formerly Hospitality Digital), a METRO AG company, knows firsthand the role digital transformation plays in delivering service excellence and improving operations and profitability for restaurants. As an agile digital service unit, DISH Digital Solutions identifies and validates new digital solutions for the hotel, restaurant, and catering (HoReCa) industry.  

They also know the inherent challenges of integrating multiple data and digital solutions across various systems and regions of the METRO wholesale business.

After acquiring leading cloud-based point of sale (POS) electronic cash register (ECR) solution provider Eijsink in 2022, DISH Digital Solutions sought to embed DISH Pay as merchant acceptance payment service into the pan-European rollout of their ECR, DISH POS.

The goal? A seamlessly integrated POS and digital payment solution to improve the experience, digitization, operations and satisfaction of DISH Digital Solutions’ customers and their guests – including adhering to the latest cybersecurity and privacy regulations and best practices.

Enabling alignment and innovation through trusted, strategic collaboration

DISH Digital Solutions turned to CGI´s payment expertise to build a pan-European payment service targeting HoReCa industry use cases and to support the roll-out of DISH POS and DISH Pay.

Looking to develop a clear, long-term strategic vision for building and expanding an elastic payment business leveraging their existing market proximity, DISH Digital Solutions selected CGI to support them from initial assessment to go-to-market.

CGI consultants helped steer the partnership agreement, negotiation, configuration, and integration with an Amsterdam-based global payment processor. As a partner experienced in developing and implementing both business and IT strategies, CGI provided analysis, subject matter expertise and solution-oriented recommendations.

Implementing a leading payment business for small-medium enterprises

Beginning in October 2022, CGI management consultants conducted As-Is and To-Be Assessments to determine gaps between DISH Digital Solutions’ current and future payments landscape. Using these assessments, CGI defined and developed a business vision, a corporate strategy, and a target operation model, while also advising on business processes, digital strategies, organizational readiness, change management and revenue growth following the cybersecurity and privacy regulations best practices.

From a high-level IT architecture perspective, CGI subject matter experts advised DISH Digital Solutions on how to build and run a Payment (API) Orchestration Layer to manage various PSPs and payment methods across Europe and supported the corresponding integrations.

Ultimately, CGI’s experts guided the successful roll-out of the DISH Pay solution as a new product brand. The go-to-market strategy included market insights, operations, compliance, sales and pricing frameworks, creating an attractive pan-European SME merchant service.

Achieving immediate business outcomes and securing future wins

Combining payment expertise, insights and client proximity, CGI’s consultants helped DISH Digital Solutions benefit from a competitive digital payment solution to serve the HoReCa ecosystem in the main markets of the EU. Specifically, they have achieved:

  • A successful strategy for building a scalable, elastic payment business in coherence with latest privacy best practices, plus a clear expansion roadmap for DISH Digital Solutions to scale their payments as a service model and become the leading payment provider for the HoReCa industry in Europe.
  • Successful product and platform launch of the new DISH Pay product in less than 100 working days.
  • Generation of new recurring revenue sources by offering payment-as-a-service to small-medium enterprises.  

Enhancing DISH Digital Solutions’ vision by delivering competitive digitized offerings

Following the successful launch in key European markets, DISH Pay, and the POS solution will be rolled-out across countries in the EU. DISH Digital Solutions will continue to serve the needs of the HoReCa industry with digitization and profitability.

person makes payment on a POS terminal via their mobile phone
The successful product and platform launch of the new DISH Pay product took less than 100 working days.
Together with CGI, we identified a go-to-market approach on how to strategically leverage our multiple market reach in the HoReCa Payment Industry in Europe.

Dr. Volker Glaeser CEO, DISH Digital Solutions GmbH

CGI´s Management Consultants delivered immediate strategic and operational benefits to establish a payment product in coherence with our M&A plan.

Christian Ziggel Managing Director and CFO, DISH Digital Solutions GmbH