In today’s dynamic market, competition is increasing at a dramatic rate.

  • 68% of executives interviewed as part of the 2019 CGI Client Global Insights said they’re facing external pressure from new digital entrants
  • 74% said they’re facing pressure from existing competitors, with 36% ranking this pressure as having a high degree of impact (7 or above on a scale of 1 to 10).

In addition to this external pressure, executives also are facing internal pressure by company boards and shareholders to drive more innovation and to deliver on growth or budget objectives.

Becoming an innovation leader, however, requires more than just building innovation capabilities; you also have to deliver innovation. This requires closing any agility gaps and implementing innovations quickly across the enterprise at scale.

From innovation sprints to “culture hacking” and innovator coaching, CGI helps organizations implement innovation management in a targeted, structured and strategic manner to harness and monetize creative ideas from within the organization.

Through our work, enterprises can build the capabilities and achieve the agility they need to win the race to innovate. We help organizations move past the prototypes and scale their ideas to achieve fast and lasting results.

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