Startups often face challenges in developing and scaling their ideas beyond the prototype phase and turning them into successful business models. Through the CGI Unicorn Academy, we help startups develop innovative capabilities that meet specific uses cases for our clients in multiple industries, supplementing our own portfolio of business solutions and strategic alliances.

Our clients appreciate innovative thinking and creative partnerships but may avoid taking risks on startup technologies and solutions. Our Unicorn Academy model gives clients the opportunity to be at the forefront of innovation with CGI as the trusted basis. For example, if a client has a use case (e.g., pain point or new regulatory requirement), or desire to try a new technology, we identify startups with potential solutions to fill the need, and then use our due diligence process to form a partnership, mitigating risk for clients.

Advancing technology innovation

Founded in Germany in 2018, our Unicorn Academy now works with 30+ startups, including several international companies. We have a number of client projects underway, typically starting with a proof-of-concept, demo or pilot to minimize risk, but with the idea to enlarge the project over time.

Through the Academy, we share our global expertise and experience with startups in multiple technology fields. We consult to help them rapidly develop business ideas, decide next steps, increase agility, implement digital services (including at client sites), and accelerate their digital value chains to respond quickly to market needs.

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We help startups develop and scale business ideas through: 

  • Active involvement in the startup community (initially in Germany followed by Sweden and other countries)

  • Collaboration with universities, accelerators, associations and research institutions

  • Startup-customer matchmaking events


Sharing our knowledge across IT fields and industries, providing access to experts and creating opportunities to participate in informational events, workshops, meetups and more


Using the CGI network to build connections between startups, clients and other interested parties, helping startups gain exposure for their ideas and giving them new platforms for growth


Studying startups’ ideas and helping them develop a long-term business strategy, evaluating potential next steps and milestones.

The CGI Unicorn Academy also provides startups with mentoring and sales strategy consulting, access to a tailored portfolio of innovative products and solutions, competitive advantage through fast and flexible customization, professional implementation and project management, and world-class scaling and security for innovative concepts.

A win-win-win approach

Large corporations typically are unable to risk trying startup technologies, and startups often do not have enough resources to deliver a full-scale project. CGI provides a trusted source for clients and an extended workbench for startups in our network. This win-win-win proposition helps startups grow, helps clients find new solutions, and helps our teams learn new skills. It also helps startups scale to serve more customers and allows successful new technologies to come into the market.

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Cognigy – Automated customer service

Cognigy.AI is a conversational AI platform for customer service automation. Using intelligent voice and chat bots reduces support costs and improves the quality of customer and employee communication.

Scalue Logo

Scalue – Efficient procurement

SCALUE offers procurement management that enables a purchasing organization to perform integrated procurement analyses to maximize process efficiency and realize potential savings.

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rooom – Metaverse solutions for companies

rooom offers a platform to create, manage and promote interactive virtual experiences in 2D, 3D, AR and VR for sales and marketing. This includes an all-in-one platform and metaverse solutions, digital showrooms, 3D products and virtual events.

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Automation Hero – Platform for intelligent process automation

Automation Hero combines RPA with AI to create an intelligent process automation (IPA) platform for businesses. Automation Hero automates repetitive and time-consuming tasks to improve information worker productivity and drive more successful, optimized business outcomes. Advanced Natural Language Processors (NLPs) and machine learning take the hassle out of classifying incoming messages and compose automated responses. Automation Hero helps employees prioritize and make better decisions by searching for relevant customers, making upsell suggestions and avoiding escalations.