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The national roll-out of smart meters is well underway. The Data Communications Company (DCC) has made significant progress with the government’s roll-out of 53 million smart meters to more than 30 million domestic and small business premises since the start of the roll-out in 2016.

Consumers and market participants are already reaping the benefits of second-generation (SMETS2) smart meters, with millions now installed. The DCC has also triggered the enrolment and adoption of first-generation (SMETS1) smart meters onto its secure network, enabling millions of consumers to regain smart functionality and stay smart even if they decide to switch energy supplier.

The focus of market participants now shifts to ensuring their IT systems can operate at scale, refreshing their smart architecture if necessary, reducing cost-to-serve, and using the data from smart meters to provide innovative products and services to consumers.

53 million
smart gas and electricity meters in Britain
will communicate through
CGI systems

Data Service Provider (DSP)

CGI is the DCC Data Service Provider (DSP)  responsible for building and operating the DCC data systems required for communicating with Britain’s 53 million smart meters at full roll-out. We provide DCC users with a turn-key DCC Adapter service for integrating with the smart metering network.


ER360 Smart – Choose your solution to get smart


We help our clients to innovate and transform their smart architecture, while reducing cost-to-serve through IT and business managed services with ER360 Smart.


Meter monitor DCC Adapter

DCC Adapter

We enable energy suppliers, network operators and other users to integrate their IT systems seamlessly with the DCC Adapter (DCCA)