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The water sector now faces unprecedented change. The competitive water market is up and running. Now is the time for water retail companies to make sure that they are equipped to thrive in this market.  New smart technologies offer opportunities to bring the “digital age” services that customers demand. And, as ever, there is the need to reduce operating costs.

In the UK, we designed, built and operate the Central Market Operating System (CMOS), the IT system that allows water companies in England to participate in the new competitive market which opened successfully on 1st April 2017. We have also supported a number of the new water companies prepare for this market and we continue to provide solutions to aid their operations in this market.

Water companies have large networks of ageing assets, often buried underground, and in remote and inaccessible locations. This presents a significant operating challenge. However, the proliferation of new sensors brings real visibility. The Internet of Things brings access to a wealth of new information.  Water companies are introducing smart meters.  Artificial intelligence, robotics and augmented reality are techniques that are now commonly used in other industries. Our Smart Framework allows water companies to take advantage of these smart enablers: to improve their customer service, increase resilience and reduce operating costs.

The water industry delivers an essential service to the public using Critical National Infrastructure. This makes water companies a target in this world of cyber-attacks.  As cyber security is part of everything we do, we provide the full range of services needed to protect our clients’ information, infrastructure and business critical systems.