The challenges presented by climate change for our society have far reaching consequences. The impact of climate change is felt across society. For organisations, the need to identify and prioritise net zero interventions whilst improving citizen services and well-being across communities is ever present.

The Institute for Government, the leading think tank working to make government more effective, defines net zero as “achieving a balance between the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced and the amount removed from the atmosphere” and states two routes to achieving it: “reducing existing emissions and actively removing greenhouse gases”, where both must work in tandem.

“Climate change is the defining issue of our time, and we are at a defining moment.”

- United Nations

Infrastructures are under increasing stress and organisations need to innovate and exploit high-value data to respond to the challenges. To mobilise change, local communities are required to acknowledge, progress and change behaviour.

We will align your organisational strategic and operational ambitions to help you further your Net Zero ambitions. We  will adopt an outcome-led approach, integrate ecosystems, exploit emerging technology and data science to measure your transition.

Our proven capabilities, solutions and practical experience enable Smart Cities and Connected Communities.

Cobbled city street with red phone boxes

CGI Metro Zero

Our Metro Zero approach can help organisations reach net zero ambitions whilst positively transforming how we connect, work and live in metropolitan communities.


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