At CGI in the UK, we believe that business has an obligation to act responsibly, a belief which is realised across our organisation. This is present in our operating practices, our approach to the environment, the partnerships we hold with third parties and the roles we play in the communities in which we live and work.

Social impact

Our social impact report outlines our vision for 2030, outlining our mission to unite our employees (who we call members because a vast majority are company owners), technology, clients, and partners for actionable results. The new thinking reflects our recent commitments to the United Nations Global Compact UK to include the planet, communities, shareholders, members and suppliers in the pursuit of turning our visions into reality. It is important for us to do more than talk about the world’s challenges. It is time to demonstrate real progress.

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Today we continue to take action on issues which our communities care about, ranging from social inclusion, STEM, through to local community partnerships. CGI act with dignity, respect, fairness and equity in each of our interactions.

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We are acutely aware of the pressures on individuals in our modern-day society and also how the health of our company and the wellbeing of our members are closely tied.

We pride ourselves on being known as a responsible company, where we pull together as a friendly team, helping all our members to bring their whole selves to work. Our member wellbeing initiatives have received awards from the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personal Development) and CHS (Corporate Health Standard) Wales.

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Our values form the foundation of our corporate governance practices. We are proud to operate as a responsible business to balance the interests of our key stakeholders: our clients, our shareholders and our members.

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