Britain benefits from operating one of the world’s most liberalised, unbundled and consistently competitive utilities markets. This has helped consumers benefit from more affordable and reliable energy, as well as improved customer services. This has extended to water supply with the opening of the Scottish water market in 2008 and the English non-domestic water retail market in 2017.

An effective market infrastructure reduces the difficulty of operating in a market that requires organisations to manage complex commercial relationships. In doing so, it removes much of the cost in managing those processes, minimising barriers to competition and stimulating innovation, of new products and services, thereby enhancing consumer choice.


central market systems in 10 countries are
built, designed or maintained by CGI
30+ years
average relationship tenure with world's largest energy and utilities companies


We leverage our deep understanding of market regulation, information management, digital technology and cyber security, as well as expertise in other markets to develop the most suitable and easily manageable solutions for our clients.

In the UK, we have designed, built and currently operate:

  • the central system for the UK electricity market BSC Settlement for ELEXON
  • the data systems at the heart of the Smart Metering Implementation Programme for the Data Communication Company (DCC)
  • the central system for Market Operator Services Ltd (MOSL) to support the operation of the non-household English water market
  • we supported the creation of the Scottish competitive water market.


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