Thriving in the new water market

Water competition has begun. From April 2017, non-household customers in England can choose their retailer of water and wastewater services. Now is the time to make sure that you are equipped to thrive in this market.

Working with Market Operator Services Limited (MOSL we built and now support the Central Market Operating System (CMOS). CGI has the experience and expertise to help you establish your place in the new competitive water market.


The digital water company

To thrive in this market water companies will need to be a lean and customer responsive organisation. Our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution can optimise repetitive market processes and reduce operating costs.

Customers will expect innovative and responsive services. They will expect to be able to communicate with their water company through a channel that suits their needs. With our Digital Utility Roadmap we can develop a customer-centric roadmap to allow the delivery of enhanced customer service.


Smooth operations

All retailers and wholesalers need to be able to exchange operational information effectively and efficiently. Getting these interactions right is critical to the on-going success of the market: to ensure good customer service and to keep market participants operating costs low.

Our Central Operations Portal (COP) connects to the CMOS, giving easy access to central market data. It offers one place to communicate and share information with other water market participants.


Get your data in order

In the new market it is essential that data is of the highest quality. Poor-quality data could mean loss of revenue for market participants and poor customer service. . We use our data-quality improvement process coupled with the experience we gained in building the CMOS data sets to help our clients build quality and gain insight from their market data.