The UK energy retail market is in a period of accelerated change brought about by: rapidly evolving macro-trends, shaping the net zero future through renewables, electric vehicles (EV) and demand-side response; a global pandemic, exacerbating financial pressures such as increasing customer debt; and a need to understand customers and build an experience fit for the digital age and underpinned by data.

At CGI, we understand the opportunities and challenges facing energy retailers, and along with our partners, we provide insights and innovative solutions through our Energy Retail 360 ecosystem delivering true business value to our energy retail clients.

Business & IT advisory

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Our business advisors bring in-depth knowledge of the energy retail industry and combine it with a set of proven frameworks to support your business objectives. At CGI, we develop strategies that reflect your individual business ambitions and maturity, and support the implementation of those strategies through to value realisation. Our IT advisors work with you to shape a fit for purpose digital landscape, enabling your business strategies in a way that is cost effective and reflective of your capacity.

Solution implementation

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With decades of experience in implementing a range of solutions for energy suppliers across the UK, we can support your organisation to either lead the delivery of your change projects end-to-end, or support in specific areas using our industry and product knowledge. Our delivery experience spans across the entire range of the energy supply solution ecosystem from digital customer interactions, through core billing system replacements, to industry flow management.

Smart Metering Integration

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Our smart metering integration solutions enable energy suppliers, network operators and other users to harness the power of smart meter data. No matter the size of your organisation, we offer a range of solutions and services to enable your business to connect to the Data Communications Company (DCC) smart metering network.

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Capability augmentation

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We can increase the capacity of your organisation and accelerate the delivery of your change initiatives through augmenting skills and capabilities across a range of domains.

Strategic partnership

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At CGI, we serve as a scalable partner to energy retailers, combining our industry and technology expertise with relevant solutions to support your business and IT operations end-to-end. We can manage your IT estate and vendors; simplify the complexities brought about by industry and business-driven change; enable transformation and innovation of the energy services you provide; and ensure best practice is continuously applied.