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The UK Energy Retail market is currently in the middle of unprecedented change.

Ranging from traditional gas and electricity supply for domestic and non-domestic customers to commodity and non-commodity products and services - often bundled in a unique offering - energy suppliers operate in an increasingly competitive market, where new regulation, customer demand and disruptive market entrants bring constant change.

To remain competitive in such a volatile market, energy suppliers need innovative and flexible business and IT capabilities to rapidly adapt to change.

CGI has been at the heart of the UK energy retail market since its inception, delivering technological innovation in key industry areas, such as balancing and energy settlement (ELEXON) and smart metering (Data Communication Company). Today, we continue to work alongside our clients and partners across all areas of change: these include all aspects of the Ofgem smart market programme around flexibility, faster more reliable switching, smart metering and industry-wide half hourly settlements.

We help our clients to innovate and transform their business, while reducing cost-to-serve across all business areas through digital customer engagement, cloud based service platforms, machine learning and robotic, and business process automation. To do so we have created ER360 ecosystem.


ER360 ecosystem, a unique ecosystem of interoperable solutions from CGI and selected partner organisations, offering flexible implementation options, designed to meet the individual needs of energy suppliers.