Testing assurance is more critical than ever

In a world of agile development and cloud automation, testing assurance has never been more critical. Releasing products and services that are not fit-for-purpose, glitchy or don’t meet the necessary standards can be costly in terms of brand reputation, compliance fines and remediation time.

If you operate in a highly regulated industry, you need the confidence and assurance that your products and services meet both industry and customer needs before release, as well as being able to ensure they evolve in line with regulation and customer expectations.

Testing assurance is sometimes perceived as complex, expensive and an ineffectual process that prevents projects being delivered on time. If you have had bad experiences of poor quality testing you can feel that testing outcomes are unpredictable and unhelpful. If you have limited in-house testing resources and expertise this can lead to further confusion on testing requirements, particularly within a regulated market, reducing the overall effectiveness of testing.

Test Factory delivers effective products and services 

Test Factory combines our enduring testing expertise with deep multi-industry knowledge and unrivalled service delivery, to provide the answers and insights that you need to deliver quality products and services on time and on budget.

A highly skilled team of testing and industry experts will manage your end-to-end testing, using mature and flexible testing models and services ensuring the use of the right tool, technology and approach to meet your desired outcomes consistently.

Test Factory provides vital support in three key areas:

  • Test automation
  • Testing as a Service
  • Continuous improvement 

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TMMi Certified Level 5 accreditation

At CGI, we have the experience, frameworks and accreditations to design and execute the testing that is required and surface any defects or issues early to avoid costly errors or fixes.

We are 1 of 4 organisations in the UK and 1 of 33 globally to have achieved TMMi Certified Level 5, the highest TMMi Foundation accreditation, certifying that we can deliver complex test integrations at industrial scale.

Our Test Factory team in the UK currently runs 200,000+ tests per year focusing heavily on test automation and on driving down the cost per test.

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The TMMi Foundation is a non-profit organisation, supporting businesses around the world to improve their software and system testing, and achieve higher and more sustainable levels of product quality for the systems they are developing and maintaining. TMMi helps assess and improve organisations’ test processes in a cost effective manner and to become formally certified.