Third Party Intermediaries (TPIs), or Energy Brokers, are a core sales channel for B2B energy retailers, with a large and varied market estimated to be generating around £450m in revenues from energy suppliers per year.

Accurate calculation and management of TPI commissions invoicing is critical to protecting revenue and enhancing the relationships between energy retailers and their indirect sales partners. However, there can be thousands of records of data involved in calculating payments to TPIs/Energy Brokers commissions calculations can be complex. Typically, the critical process of managing and paying commissions to TPIs sits outside the remit of most core CRM and billing solutions and is often performed via ‘grey IT’ solutions such as spreadsheets.

CGI Energy Commission Suite has been developed in conjunction with two leading B2B energy suppliers and is provided as a Software as a Service (SaaS) application. It can transform the way that retailers manage their TPIs and provides business-wide benefits that support more productive relationships with TPIs in terms of commissions calculation and invoicing.

It is designed to integrate with existing sales, quotation, contract and billing platforms - agnostic of the application data model - using industry standard definitions of data to enable accurate risk management, calculation and validation of commission invoices for TPIs/Energy Brokers.

CGI Energy Commission Suite supports energy retailers to:

  • Reduce risk by generating more accurate commissions statements
  • Reduce cost by improving the speed of the commissions process
  • Develop better relationships with TPIs and win more business
  • Free up expert resources for higher value adding activities
  • Improve TPI payment performance
  • Provide a demonstrable controlled audit trail for commission payments.