Alan Griffiths

With over 28 years of experience in the UK energy supply market Alan has worked with many of the UK’s major utility companies and has gained a wide ranging and in depth knowledge of the sector through a wide variety of business consulting and programme delivery roles. As a consulting expert for Energy Retail within CGI Alan identifies opportunities for our clients to transform their businesses through the innovative use of market leading and new technology across the energy retail value chain from customer experience, sales, metering, demand forecasting through to billing and collections. Using a combination of his engineering background, in depth industry knowledge and analytical skills, he has contributed to the success of many client transformation programmes. Actively embracing change, he enjoys the challenge of helping organisations to improve their processes and maximise the benefits of their investments.

From this author

Data access and user experience: key success factors to reach net zero objectives

25 January 2021 Data and technology can play a fundamental role in the challenging journey towards net zero, as discovered by a CGI survey ahead of last year’s NWG Innovation Festival design sprint.

The future of Energy Services: time for a step-change in data use for customer experience

08 June 2020 The future of Energy Services is packed with new technology and constant digital innovation with use of data at the heart of the customer experience. Undoubtedly, Systems Integrators (SIs) have a big role to play to help energy suppliers make the right choices.