Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement (MHHS) requires a radical change to the way we settle electricity consumption in the UK electricity retail market; settlement based on one to two manual readings per year is set to be replaced with daily collection of half-hourly data from millions of smart-enabled customers. This will require an overhaul of existing validation and estimation methods, a massive increase in processing capability and highly automated exception management.

Our MHHS Data Services Platform provides organisations aspiring to become an accredited MHHS Data Services agent with an out-of-the-box IT service that delivers all necessary functions required to perform the role(s). It leverages our proven DCC Adapter to perform the Meter Data Retrieval (MDR) service which can be used in hybrid form; taking responsibility for collecting settlement data not already collected by a Supplier.

Our platform offers reduced cost-to-serve and the ability to innovate in the emerging MHHS market.