Transforming collections to drive strategic advantage

CGI Collections and Recoveries brings together a world-class solution suite, CGI Collections360®, consulting expertise and secure hosting capability to deliver a managed services approach that enables organisations to focus on core business.

CGI takes a customer-centric approach to collections and recoveries, aligning the collection treatment to the individual, and maximising the efficiency of your operations. We offer clients improved collection rates, lower costs to collect and a single view of the customer all accessed via an omni-channel customer interface. Our proven track record, flexible delivery model and tried and tested CGI Collections360® suite, allow us to deliver in a quick and agile way - allowing our customers to realise the business benefits quickly

If you are an organisation where collecting money from your customers / citizens efficiently is important, we can help you. In an environment where all lending is highly regulated and where fines for non-compliance are commonplace, CGI provides solutions and expertise to ensure customers are comfortable in acting within the required regulatory framework.

We offer the know-how and experience your organisation needs to turn the business of collections into an ongoing strategic advantage.

Experience and expertise

  • 35+ years of experience across all lines of business for credit lending and default management functions
  • 350+ CGI Collections360® implementations for some of the world’s largest commercial and government organisations in 60+ countries, including the UK and Ireland.
  • Track record of delivering 10-25% in cost savings and 5-20% increase in debt collected
  • 100% delivery success, with a dedicated collections practice serving clients

Our comprehensive offering is based around 4 key themes:

Regulation – the more prescriptive regulatory environment resulting in a greater operational cost is not likely to change. Customer focus and scrutiny of collections’ practice in relation to customer outcomes looks set to remain a focus. As well as our CGI Collections360® software which provides a framework, we also provide a Risk and Regulation Health Check which identifies regulatory weaknesses in collections and revenue management systems and optimises revenue management in line with the regulatory and business requirements.

Operating cost predictability and flexibility – CGI offers Revenue Management Service, a fully hosted and managed default management solution, with an opex-style payment model, enabling you to have improved control of operating costs..

The Customer experience - improving customer experience through omni-channel communication and a single customer view. CGI aligns the collection treatment to the individual, and maximising the efficiency of your debt collection operations. Using alternative contact methods (texts, email, online self-serve, mobile) we are able to show significant improvements to collections and recovery rates whilst also ensuring that debts are treated appropriately.

Collections performance - Improving performance in a tough economic landscape is a differentiator for our customers. We provide genuine insight to drive improved collections performance, through world class data analytics tools, business focused data scientists and analytics experts.

To pinpoint where we can help your organisation why not start with our Credit Diagnostic? A few hours investment that will allow you to benchmark the effectiveness of your collections operation, with a report that identifies areas for improvement with specific quantifiable actions.


CGI Collections360®

CGI Collections360® is a comprehensive approach to collections that combines software, business processes and IT services to manage and improve the collections life cycle for commercial and public sector organisations. CGI Collection360’s configurable framework and supporting technology covers the entire default process—from pre to post charge-off.

With CGI Collections360®, your organisation has everything it needs to run a high-performance, results-driven collections operation.

  • Single, integrated platform of software that manages all default management processes
  • Platform combines CGI-built applications with client-selected software
  • Modules include:
    • Collections Recovery: advanced workflow to improve the effectiveness of collections and recovery treatments and speed up the collection of impaired accounts, resulting in reduced costs and credit losses
    • Decision management: allows organisations to develop, execute, measure and experiment with various customer treatment strategies across the relationship cycle
    • On-line: low-cost approach for collecting payments 24x7, including  a self-service portal for customers and citizens.
    • Third-party vendor management: single gateway for collaborating with third-party vendors, improving treatment decisions and performance through better communication and faster access to third-party data and intelligence
    • Omni-channel management: advanced analytics to optimise customer / citizen channel setup based on their preferences, past behaviour, cost considerations, risk, delinquency levels and more.
  • Management of key business processes, including:

    • Strategy design and implementation
    • Risk scoring and segmentation
    • Compliance
    • Quality assurance
    • Training
    • Business intelligence analytics and reporting.

CGI understand this, which is why we’ve developed our Revenue Management Service (RMS) offering to meet your business demands in a new and easy to access way. RMS offers rapid cost-effective access to our default management software delivered as a fully hosted managed service.

Built on CGI’s industry leading Collections and Workflow management solution (CACS), RMS provides the ability to optimise the management of your portfolio without the need for a costly up front IT project. Accessing our default management solution through a flexible commercial model, we enable your business to benefit from the outset.

  • Benefits include:

    • Reduced cost to collect
    • Fast route to compliance
    • Secure platform allows business to reduce overall IT cost
    • 5 Star service desk.
    • Rapid return on investment

CGI’s analytic credit diagnostic tool provides gives clients with actionable insight on their collections and recoveries operations.

The Credit Diagnostic focuses on the financial and operational metrics that are key to a collections and recoveries operation. It is comprised of:

  • An initial assessment of the current state of your credit organisation, looking primarily at business processes, as well as the influence of technology and organisational structure
  • A benchmark based on best practices
  • A report including a set of immediately actionable tactical recommendations that are designed to address operational pain points and improve financial and non-financial performance.