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Phil Skinner

Philip has more than 15 years of experience at the senior level in the areas of payments, cards and collections—from a bank, software provider and payment scheme perspective.

He is an innovative consulting director with a proven track record of leading payment and revenue management program that drive new service revenues, reduce costs and deliver other benefits for CGI clients.

He manages complex new service developments and portfolios and forms strong partnerships with our senior stakeholders and suppliers to deliver outstanding business results.

From this author

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25 June 2020 Banking expert, Phil Skinner looks into the recent decreasing use of cash and if it’s now the time to adopt new payment solutions.

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02 April 2020 Phil Skinner discusses the use of request-for-payment tools and that recent regulation and some tech innovation in the UK can help businesses improve their payments circumstances and customer journey

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17 January 2019 This CGI blog post discusses the ideal capabilities in a solution to modernise debt collections.