Ensure the integrity of your data

Data quality is an issue for every organisation — whether you are in the middle of a data-migration project or not.

Data is your most important asset. However, when you focus on managing the increasing quantity, dispersed nature and complexity of data, it is easy to forget about the quality. So, it is no surprise that, on average, a quarter of data is inaccurate.

Poor-quality data will harm your productivity, create risk and prevent compliance. And failure to address this issue can result in:

  • Lost sales and business opportunities
  • Loss of customers through poor service and dissatisfaction
  • Prosecutions, fines and other regulatory and civil penalties resulting from compliance breaches

Dealing with data migration

Data-migration projects often drive the need to address data quality issues. It is a difficult process to get right — you have to understand the scope of the migration, understand the data at a detailed level, engage the right people, define the transformation rules, prove your solution’s end-to-end functionality and then implement it.

Our Data-Migration Framework gives you a methodology that makes this whole process as simple as possible — minimising the disruption to your business.

But data quality problems do not magically disappear when your migration is over. To maintain high-quality data, you need three things in place:

  • A data-governance or information-assurance framework
  • Board-level sponsorship
  • Accountability for actual data-quality levels

Our Data Quality Management Framework Methodology brings all of these aspects together, giving you a viable and enduring business solution.

Why CGI?

We have an established Data Migration and Data Quality Practice within our Energy, Utilities & Telecoms Business Unit in the UK. This houses a dedicated team of data-migration and data-quality specialists.

  • Working with a ‘Big Six’ energy supplier, we delivered an end-to-end data-migration service, migrating more than a billion rows of data from 11 IS-supported systems and multiple unsupported business applications
  • As part of the UK’s largest bank merger between Lloyds and HBOS, we migrated more than 30 million customer accounts and £127 billion worth of customer balances
  • For Scottish Water, we created and implemented a Data Quality Management solution to detect and resolve issues with technical meter details — helping the organisation to hit improved performance targets

Get in touch to find out more about how managing the quality of your data — before, during and after a migration — allows you to achieve your business goals.