The need to ensure that the supply of energy remains secure, reliable and affordable remains undiminished, as ever more sustainable ways to satisfy demand for energy are established. Technological innovation and lifestyle changes – like the use of solar panels in the home or electric vehicles -  are also impacting our energy demand.  And, as the way we consume energy changes and our opportunity to actively participate in the energy system grows, so do the demands on the infrastructure that delivers energy to homes and businesses.

CGI joined the digital innovation journey of Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) early on.  We have supported numerous smart grid innovation programmes that are helping electricity distribution businesses to understand what it will mean to transform from being a network operator to become a system operator.

We are helping our clients understand how they can generate value from the ever increasing volumes of data available to them from the growth in digital technologies throughout the energy system.   We achieve this by integrating and implementing their digital systems - focusing on the acquisition, management and analysis of data; delivering a consistent single view of the network that enables operational decision making, helping whole system optimisation.

Smart grids innovation programmes 

Data Intelligence for Network Operations (DINO)

We delivered data intelligence for the network operations of Scottish Power Energy Networks (SPEN) applying our Integrated Network Model solution.

Project FALCON

We partnered with Western Power Distribution (WPD) to provide the flexibility, data and technical assurance they needed to investigate new ways of designing and operating their energy networks in a low carbon future.

Flexible Urban Networks – Low Voltage (FUN-LV)

We partnered with UK Power Networks (UKPN) to identify innovative ways of using asset capacity more effectively by providing data management and integration of load, as well as planning and operational systems. In particular, our advanced network modelling tool - DPlan -was instrumental in the success of the programme.

Low Carbon London (LCL)

We played a vital role in the success of this important’ UKPN’s programme by providing access to smart meter data, carbon accounting, solution architecture, data management and programme management support. The LCL Programme was recognised by IDC Energy Insights as an exemplar smart grid programme for promoting innovation in distribution networks.Smart Urban Low Voltage Network (SULVN)

We supported UKNP in deploying LV switch automation.

Distribution Network Visibility (DNV)

We partnered with UKPN to deliver their Distribution Network Visibility project.


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