Creating a single view of the electricity network

 The progressive adoption of no-and-low carbon technologies into the electricity system is increasing volatility in the demands on the electricity infrastructure. Distribution system operators need to make decisions in real time to ensure effective operation of their infrastructure. Appropriate access to accurate, complete and timely data is vital to ensure the safe and reliable automation of the system.

Gaining a holistic view of the system is imperative to continue to deliver the levels of safety and reliability, consumers benefit from today. CGI OpenGrid Foundation, part of our CGI OpenGrid360 suite, enables a single view of a utility’s infrastructure through master data management and data integration.


The data Imperative

Data-driven insight is imperative to ensure that consumers continue to benefit from the levels of safety and reliability they experience today.  This requires distribution system operators to develop their organisational capabilities in information management and use as well as implementing the tools to support this. 


Bringing it all together

The CGI OpenGrid Foundation Integrated Network Model provides a network reference model and integration layer to enable a single view of a utility’s network across the operational technology (OT) and the information technology (IT) domains. The solution is part of our CGI OpenGrid360 suite, co-developed with distribution network operators in the UK as part of our work on smart grids innovation programmes.

CGI OpenGrid Foundation Integrated Network Model makes integration of new systems simpler, more cost effective and quicker compared with traditional approaches by reconciling and remediating data across a multitude of systems, and is already being delivered into the Business As Usual operations of Western Power Distribution and SP Energy Networks, where CGI is building a digital model of their energy network.


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