National Grid has partnered with CGI to assist in the delivery of a new project which will find innovative ways of using smart meter data to help equip the electricity network for the mass connection of low carbon technologies.

The SMITN project (Smart Meter Innovations & Test Network) will use data from smart meters to give planners added information, helping them to manage load when connecting low carbon technologies like electric vehicle (EV) chargers and heat pumps.

The new smart meter technology will allow National Grid to monitor the quality of power supplied by the grid. This data will help identify which customers are connecting low carbon technologies and where extra capacity may be required.

By using this technology to improve its own network data, National Grid will also be able to devise self-serve tools and simplify the connections process for thousands of customers wanting to connect solar PV, EV chargers and heat pumps.

With our experience in global smart networks and as a key innovator in addressing the data and digitalisation transformation challenges in electricity distribution, CGI is the key technology partner for the SMITN platform, delivering data science and digital expertise.

Support in delivering the project will also be provided from three additional partners: Loughborough University, Haysys and GHD.

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