CGI is Britain’s electricity system operator’s - National Grid ESO (ESO) - technology partner on the Powering Wales Renewably Project, a project supported by Ofgem’s Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF) and UK Research & Innovation (UKRI), whose aim is to drive the innovation needed to transform Britain’s gas and electricity networks for a low-carbon future.

The project led by ESO, in partnership with the Welsh Government, National Grid Electricity Distribution, National Grid Electricity Transmission, SP Energy Networks, CENIN renewables and CGI, will enable Wales to deliver its net zero commitments. 

Powering Wales Renewably will help to accelerate the energy transition by providing a platform for collaboration between all key stakeholders to deliver important benefits in four crucial areas:

  1. Timely and economic connections to the electricity system
  2. Coordinating flexibility at national scale to serve local needs
  3. Providing system-wide (transmission and distribution) visibility from open data, and
  4. Informing local authorities’ regional development plans

At the heart of the project is the creation of a digital twin of Wales’ electricity transmission and distribution networks. This first-of-a-kind large scale demonstrator will provide visibility and a whole-system view of the electricity grid, enabling identification of where to site renewable generation, positioning the Welsh Government to deliver on its ambition to generate 70% of its electricity requirements from Welsh Renewable Energy by 2030 and be fully decarbonised by 2035.

ESO leads the way in energy system digital twins through its Virtual Energy System initiative, which aims to digitise Britain’s energy system .This digital twin project in Wales is the first step towards demonstrating secure interoperability between digital twins at national scale and will allow ESO to drive innovation and to accelerate progress to a sustainable energy system.

Powering Wales Renewably builds on previous investment in innovation, where we were the digital partner, including Western Power Distribution’s (now National Grid Electricity Distribution’s) FALCON, CIM, SMITN and INM projects, Scottish Power Energy Networks’ DINO project, as well as the ESO’s investment in the Virtual Energy System.

On this ground-breaking project, we have the key role to develop the foundation required to make a national scale digital twin of the electricity system a reality. We will build the digital twin and make it accessible using open data, hence delivering the practical means for people to access energy system data to address the local needs of communities in Wales. 

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