All you ever wanted to know about the GB electricity industry in one handy booklet. Essential reading for those new to the sector or those who’ve always wondered what goes on in other parts of the industry. Every now and again, you come across someone who’s new to the electricity industry.

They’re easy to spot. They’re the ones with glazed expressions as waves of acronyms and jargon wash over them. Those embroiled within the industry aren’t immune. Lifting someone out of, say, distribution and dropping them into settlement can produce a similar expression. Observe someone from overseas trying to get to grips with the foibles of the GB market and likelihood is that they will be equally confused.

This book is intended as a mild source of pain relief for such individuals. It explains what each bit of the industry is for, why it’s ended up the way it is, its major players and big issues. And, of course, it tries to explain some of the jargon.

GE Electricity Industry for Dummies




Inside you will find:

  • An overview of the industry
  • Chapters dedicated to each part of the industry
  • A bonus chapter on the Smart Metering Implementation Programme