Since the first edition of this book, water competition in England has become a fact. So, this new book provides an update in plain English on what has changed and what lies ahead, including some key information from our previous book Water Competition For Dummies.

The GB Water Industry has evolved over many centuries to satisfy the needs for accessing a safe and reliable supply of clean water and providing water waste services that protect human health. To deliver these services, the industry has to build, maintain and operate a vast amount of infrastructure - pipes, sewers, and treatment works. And now, it also needs to provide compelling customer service in a new competitive market.






About the authors

  • Dr Graham Hainsworth is one of CGI’s leading Water Sector Subject Matter Experts. He has over 20 years’ experience developing solutions for utility businesses and has worked with many of the UK’s water companies.

  • Dr Giordy Salvi has worked in IT for over 30 years specialising in solving problems in the utilities and water industry. He has helped - amongst other things - implement some of the largest telemetry systems in the world.