News production and consumption are evolving rapidly. Traditional TV and radio news media compete with countless online and social channels that make news accessible from anywhere, at anytime. This digital shift requires modern media solutions for producing and sharing news to audiences who are geographically dispersed and increasingly selective as the number of news sources skyrockets.

We help major media companies across the globe to transition from traditional newsrooms to multi-platform, content-centric broadcasting that draws audiences and drives efficiencies. As TV, radio, online and social channels meld, we deliver cross-media platforms and workflows that bring together each stakeholder in the news life cycle, regardless of location. Reporters, producers and other news staff have everything they need to produce and deliver the right content, at the right time, and with the right outcome. 

Helping the BBC reach 468 million news consumers every week

The BBC uses our newsroom system, CGI OpenMedia, to deliver news to a global audience of 468 million people every week. With this platform, the BBC’s news staff of 15,000+ can work from any location and at any time using their desktops, mobile phones and/or tablets, while saving £4 million a year compared to their prior systems.

CGI OpenMedia improves access to information and stories, as well as technical resiliency, enabling BBC journalists to cover breaking developments quickly, continue working in the face of disruptive events, and deliver emergency broadcasting across all of its media channels.

In addition, for the past 20 years, the BBC has relied on CGI’s dira solution suite to manage its radio production across the globe. Dira covers the entire production workflow for radio journalism—from broadcast production and the exchange of material and programs, to broadcast scheduling, to on-air playout, post-production and archiving.

Modernizing broadcasting for 3,000+ journalists at France Télévisions

We partner with France’s national public television broadcaster, France Télévisions, to modernize its broadcasting capabilities across multiple and diverse channels, while empowering its 3,000+ journalists to better collaborate. Our media experts are implementing CGI OpenMedia to provide a common news platform for all of France Télévisions’ newsrooms—TV, radio and digital—across all territories it serves.

CGI OpenMedia will enable France Télévisions’ journalists to overcome technology barriers and collaborate more effectively across locations and channels. In addition, it will help them perform their jobs more efficiently through new capabilities such as full visibility of assigned tasks and their completion.

Enabling a traditional broadcaster to reach 1.2 million TikTok subscribers

Germany’s leading public broadcaster group, ARD, a 30-year client, has been working with us to deploy CGI OpenMedia newsroom, CGI dira radio solutions and CGI Viura visual radio solutions across its 9 regional channels. The solutions also will support new outlets such as ARD’s growing TikTok channel, with 1.2 million subscribers and counting.

Our media management and planning solutions will help ARD standardize its broadcasting efforts and improve its workflows through common systems that support multiple existing channels, as well as the opening and expansion of new channels. Once the solutions are fully implemented, ADR and its news teams will benefit from greater efficiencies, collaboration and agility.

Transitioning Canada’s Corus Entertainment to a multi-platform news model

Leading Canadian broadcaster Corus Entertainment invested in the CGI OpenMedia platform to shift from its traditional news broadcasting approach to a true multi-platform news model. Corus owns and operates a wide range of television, radio and online media channels. It chose CGI OpenMedia to drive efficiencies in the back end of its news operations and become multi-platform oriented. Both tasks were challenging because of the sheer size of the country it serves and the multiple locations in which it operates.

“OpenMedia has helped Corus to shift our focus from a traditional news company to a true multi-platform, content-centric news organization, providing twice the functionality of our old newsroom system at about half the cost,” said Geoff Franklin, Director, News Architecture for Corus Entertainment’s Global News division. “What we are doing is bringing it into a single view; everything you need in one place. That’s huge for a news organization that’s trying to be quick. That is a game changer.”

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Innovative and agile workflows have never been so essential for news journalists and producers as they are today. As a result of rapid digitization within media, storytelling must now be researched, planned and processed more efficiently than ever, to cover not only TV and radio, but also social media and online channels. While functionality demands are very much unique to each broadcaster—whether small, medium or large—most have standard requirements that CGI’s media solutions address while also supporting customization.

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