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Digital, intelligent and reliable

The core processes of media management, content creation and playout are the domain of the dira solution suite.

Originally derived from “digital radio,” dira today means much more than radio solutions. It represents a direct, intelligent, reliable and adaptable suite of television, radio, newsroom and new media production and playout applications supporting the core workflows that any broadcaster needs, covered by a proven digital system.

dira Solution Suite

The dira solution suite encompasses the entire production workflow required for media management in radio journalism: from broadcast production and the exchange of material and programs, through broadcast scheduling, to actual onair playout, post production and archiving.




dira Onair Player offers a built-in crossfade editor, voice-track editor and jingle management tools. An integrated content browser features such as timescaling and loops on the fly and much more—all with a network-independent emergency operation.
Key benefits
  • Optimized for self-operated workflows with
    up to 4 playlists​, 8 players and instant hotkeys
  • Assisted and automatic playout operation
  • ​​​​​​Time scaling and loops on the fly
  • Integrated content browser
  • Onair API and web views for flexible integrations
  • Built-in crossfade editor & voice track recorder
  • Network independent emergency operation with local cache
  • Newsroom story editing directly at the playout
dira Cartplayer is an application for managing jingles (trailers, sweepers, beds, tracks, etc.) and playout of these audio items. It combines the simple operation of traditional jingle machines and the advantages of a software-based solution. dira Cartplayer can be operated via GPIs (general purpose interfaces) from the mixing desk, via touch-screen, via mouse/keyboard or hardware controller.
Key benefits
  • Ability to add items to multiple pages
  • Display of countdown
  • Prefade listening even during playout
  • Designed for touch interface
  • Loading of defined presets



Content management


At the heart of any system enabling media production is an application to manage, browse and access that content. In a dira installation, this application is called dira Highlander. This content management system enables editorial teams to create and modify media assets and metadata as well as to search for selected data.
Key benefits
  • Hierarchical folder structure and tabular view 
  • Fully configurable
  • Supports multimedia items
  • Flexible setup of metadata forms
The new dimension of dira is our web-based multimedia content management system, dira Medox. In addition to functions such as storing, editing and searching for media assets, the solution offers some new features like a new organization system which enables cross-media operations, as well as an innovative and intuitive contributor system.
Key benefits
  • Intuitive full-text search 
  • Ability to edit and create audio, images, videos and documents 
  • Web-based single-track audio editor for quick turnaround 
  • Built-in workflow engine for transparent control of technical processes 
  • Transcode multimedia content
  • Use of descriptors and folders to organize content 
  • Contributor-management to reduce multiple entries 
  • Truly built with web technology for access on desktops and tablets
  • Cloud friendly service oriented architecture
  • Role-based configurations
  • Multi-site functionality

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Planning and production


dira Scheduler is our a complete solution for planning central schedules that are open to be integrated with any third-party system.
Key benefits
  • Advanced schedule template designer
  • Crossfade editor
  • Third-party music rotation integration
  • Extensive set of control elements (backtiming, start and stop of time, etc.
The fully featured multitrack editor dira Startrack supports editors with audio recording and live-editing.
Key benefits
  • On-the-fly audio recording 
  • Editing on up to 16 tracks
  • VST plugin integration
  • Loudness compliant production 
  • Stand-alone mode possible
  • Accessibility



Radio Visualization




Viura is our solution for intelligent camera control in radio studios for editors and presenters. The solution works manufacturer-independent from playout and editorial software on the basis of selected video hardware and our control software.

By microphone-level detection, fader starts or by key action, the software automatically switches to the corresponding configured camera in the studio. Packaging elements, such as lower thirds or broadcast logos, are generated automatically and can also be displayed automatically or by pressing a button. Additional overlays, images or video sequences can be imported from third-party software.

Key benefits
  • Automatic operations with no additional studio staff required
  • Event-controlled camera changes (e.g. by microphone input level, fader starts, etc.)
  • Individual logos and texts displayed
  • Automatic background recording
  • Workflow can be implemented with any mixing console using Ember+
  • Integrated touch interface


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