In today's fast-paced world of journalism, staying ahead requires embracing cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence (AI). AI is revolutionizing how journalists gather, process, and disseminate information, empowering them with efficiency and accuracy. CGI OpenMedia Intelligent Assistant is a platform for AI-driven solutions that seamlessly integrates into the journalistic workflow included in CGI OpenMedia, allowing journalists to quickly deliver impactful stories worldwide. OpenMedia Intelligent Assistant can alleviate tedious and repetitive tasks while keeping humans-in-the-loop for reviewing or correcting results—thereby streamlining operations and enhancing productivity.

OpenMedia Intelligent Assistant newsroom solutions


Simultaneously translate content into multiple languages using an integrated language and translation tool to enhance efficiency and story output. Clients can select the translation tool they would like integrated into CGI OpenMedia.

Example scenario
An international news agency needs to translate breaking news articles into multiple languages quickly to reach a global audience.
With AI-powered translation integrated into CGI OpenMedia, journalists can translate articles into multiple languages instantly, ensuring timely dissemination of information worldwide.

Keyword extraction and summaries

Our advanced AI technology extracts essential keywords and summarizes articles effortlessly, transcending language barriers to simplify the process of summarizing stories for automated output.

Example scenario
A newsroom that receives a large amount of daily agency wires needs to quickly identify key topics and generate concise summaries for headline production.
By applying our AI-driven keyword extraction and summarization capabilities, journalists can easily extract essential keywords and generate summaries from lengthy articles.

Similarity search

Save time by accessing our intelligent suggestions to find comparable topics and related sources to enhance stories and content.

Example scenario
A journalist researching a particular topic needs to find related articles or sources for comprehensive coverage.
Our similarity search feature can suggest relevant topics and related sources, enabling journalists to extract interconnected information and enhance the depth of their reporting.

Story text suggestion

This solution leverages AI to automatically generate suggestions for story text, aiding journalists in their ideation and content creation. By analyzing data and identifying relevant trends, it can provide valuable insights and prompts for developing engaging and informative stories.

Example scenario
Journalists brainstorming ideas for featured stories needs inspiration and direction.
Through AI-augmented story text suggestions, OpenMedia Intelligent Assistant provides journalists with prompts and insights based on data analysis, assisting with idea generation and content creation for engaging narratives.

Simplifying language

We help journalists make their content more accessible by analyzing and simplifying complex language structures without altering the original meaning. This ensures that articles are comprehensible to readers at different levels of literacy and expertise.

Example scenario
A journalist needs to write about a complex scientific discovery for a general audience.
Using OpenMedia Intelligent Assistant to simplify technical terminology and scientific jargon makes the content more accessible. This approach assures that a wider audience can understand the discovery's significance, enhancing the impact of the report.

Some of our partners for AI newsroom production


CGI OpenMedia with aiconix enhances video content creation by combining AI language processing with human editing. Access AI solutions like transcription and subtitling to maximize the value of your audiovisual content. 


With DeepVA integrated into CGI OpenMedia, journalists can receive tailored information to efficiently enhance their daily tasks. It can identify individuals mentioned in CGI OpenMedia stories and display their relevant details. Additionally, it can suggest similar stories within CGI OpenMedia, enabling quick access to relevant information for enhanced productivity.