The COVID-19 pandemic put immense pressure on health systems all over the world. Health workers, and those in their care, faced unprecedented challenges that required new standards and ways of working. 

The lessons from the pandemic highlighted the connected nature of the health and care ecosystem, prompting industry organizations, such as the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, to advocate for a patient-centered care model as a strategy to improve health, quality and value. 

As the industry transitions to put people at the center of a new way forward, CGI is honored to assist public and private sector health clients around the world with programs that improve the patient experience.

Transforming healthcare gateways

One example of patient-centric care is the work done by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). CMS administers programs to protect the health and well-being of American families through Medicare, Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)—key connectors to impact more than 135 million people. 

Access to these programs is provided through three separate but intertwined websites administered by CMS:, and The successful administration of these sites is critical to the delivery of healthcare services for program participants. CGI has helped continually modernize and improve these CMS websites over two decades.  

Collectively, these portals act as the healthcare gateway for the American public, receiving approximately 500 million page views each year. 

Reducing the stress of hospital visits

Visiting a hospital is sometimes an overwhelming experience. Finding one’s way in large complexes and looking for parking or public transportation adds to anxiety for an upcoming procedure or visit to a loved one who is ill. 

Our team in the Czech Republic created CGI NaviProCare to give patients this kind of navigational information prior to visiting a hospital. Information shared through a mobile app, web portal or interactive kiosks provides real-time digital interactive navigation to and within hospital buildings. The solution helps improve the patient experience by reducing patient and visitor stress levels, minimizing wait times and reducing physical contact in waiting rooms. 

Seamlessly managing patient data 

The effectiveness of healthcare requires data that is easy to use and quickly available. Data also enables development of completely new treatments, medicines and prognostic models.  

Developed in cooperation with doctors and other medical experts, CGI’s OMNI360 is a secure cloud solution for seamlessly sharing and managing patient and customer data across organizational boundaries. The solution allows clinicians to quickly get a complete view of their patients to accurately plan, implement and evaluate patient care, freeing up time for interactions that enhance the patient experience. 

By improving patient data access with OMNI360 Share, a large hospital freed up 80,000 hours for clinical work, annually.

Improving healthcare delivery through ePrescribing 

For a consortium of the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) trusts, led by the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, CGI is rolling out an e-prescribing and medicines administration (ePMA) solution, Better Meds, delivered in partnership with Better UK. The framework will increase patient safety while encouraging a higher quality of care. CGI has successfully rolled out similar frameworks and projects in the past, including University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust and Musgrove Park Hospital. In all instances, the frameworks have led to an improvement in service, process and care.

Securely sharing vaccination data between civilian and military organizations 

When NHS Digital and the UK Ministry of Defence needed to share COVID-19 vaccination status data for services personnel, CGI delivered connectivity between these medical systems to rapidly enable secure, multi-directional flow of the data. The interface enables real-time vaccination records of armed forces personnel and dependents to be viewed by both military and health departments. A status is recorded only once due to the integration of the systems and can be used to enhance the patient experience and patient safety.

This solution supports nearly 158,000 British armed forces personnel.

Enabling the rapid delivery of COVID-19 vaccinations to nearly a million citizens

To address immediate health needs during the COVID-19 pandemic, public health agencies in Austin and San Antonio, Texas, and Louisville, Kentucky, partnered with CGI to rapidly launch comprehensive, cloud-based vaccine scheduling and management systems. Built on Salesforce, our solution manages vaccine distribution and inventory at scale, accelerates vaccine administration, and integrates seamlessly with immunization registries for reporting requirements.

Nearly one million American citizens have been served in Austin, Dallas, Louisville, San Antonio and South Texas.

Improving the patient experience through people-centric solutions

Understanding and improving the patient experience is crucial to the success of healthcare systems around the world. Key to this is creating great user experiences by delivering to the right level of care from the right practitioner at the right time. 

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