Streamline processes to improve the patient experience

Patient data stored in multiple, unconnected systems leads to inefficiency and complexity. As much as 80% of clinically relevant data exists outside of the electronic medical records system.

OMNI360 Share collects disparate patient data in one place, making it easily and securely available and sharable across organizational boundaries.

Better data access enables health professionals to more accurately evaluate patient care and free up time for interactions that enhance the patient experience.

Mobile and accessible

OMNI360 Share supports health professionals working in different locations, remotely or off-site. Whether data comes from imaging systems, clinical systems or other sources such as scans, images and video, all formats (e.g., DICOM, PDF and JPG) are mobile and easy-to-access.

Private and secure

The OMNI360 Share privacy layer ensures that users can only access the data they have permission to view.

Standards-based and flexible

OMNI360 Share uses open and standardized interfaces and is based on XDS technology that transcends organizational boundaries. As one of the international IHE profiles for the coordination and sharing of healthcare systems, XDS enables vendor-independent and agile development.

Diagram illustrating OMNI360 Share features


clinicians speaking in hospital

Health professionals

  • Patient information is easy-to-find in one location. This allows health professionals to quickly get a complete view of patients to accurately plan, implement and evaluate patient care. It also frees up time for interactions that enhance the patient experience.
  • Secure cloud technology and privacy layer allow patient data to be safely stored and shared securely across the healthcare ecosystem.


patient speaking with clinician


  • Personal patient data is securely available to professionals regardless of the original place of care, enabling faster and more precise care.
  • Privacy restrictions are visible to the medical staff, and privacy layer ensures only authorized users can access data they have permission to view.


IT consultants reviewing a report

IT management

  • Automating data production and minimizing manual labor and routines limits time-consuming and costly tasks like searching for, collecting and formatting data.

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