Designed for the patient, developed with healthcare professionals

Designed for the patient, developed with healthcare professionals

OMNI360 is a suite of easy-to-use, modular tools designed to optimize operations in the healthcare and social-services fields. The solution guides professionals in patient and customer interactions, supports self-service and integrates affordably and flexibly across all open customer and patient-information systems.

Developed in close cooperation with doctors and other medical experts, OMNI360 clarifies and facilitates the planning, implementation and evaluation of patient care, streamlines work and frees up time for interactions that improve the patient and customer experience.

Enabling customer-centric encounters with deep experience and expertise

With decades of deep experience developing and integrating business, clinical and IT solutions for health organizations—using a client-proximity model focused on understanding local markets and regulatory environments—we help healthcare clients anticipate challenges and achieve real transformation.


Comprehensive, customer-centric data insight

OMNI360 gives you immediate access to the most important data about a patient or customer, with access to other information within one or two clicks. This reporting brings together documentation of the patient or customer’s history of services, from both primary and specialized providers, in one place.


Quick and easy to use

We developed OMNI360 to be user-friendly based on feedback from our clients and our own experts—including doctors, nurses, social-workers and service designers. Next-generation technology, including automated data entry and decision support based on artificial intelligence (AI), increases ease-of-use while reliably helping to identify patient and customer needs.


Bringing advances from Finland to other systems

The Finnish health and social-services model is one of the most advanced in the world. Developed in Finland, OMNI360 now stands ready to benefit health organizations in the 40 countries where we operate.




Streamlined work through automation and AI

Automated data production minimizes manual labor and eliminates unnecessary routines. OMNI360 supports efficient and secure input via ready-made templates and phrases, automatic input, decision support, digital dictation and speech recognition, device interfaces and, increasingly, AI. AI and machine learning let OMNI360 adapt to the needs of its users. Desktops designed for specific tasks include standard shop-floor control to facilitate and speed up repetitive processes.


Open and modular

OMNI360 features an open and modular architecture, making its implementation cost-effective. Using distinct modules, you can pick and choose a solution that is adapted to your organization’s individual needs. All developer parties can use its comprehensive open interfaces. Third-party solutions can connect to the OMNI360 framework, giving you more flexibility and eliminating risks from supplier lock-ins. You can renew modules individually and open interfaces ensure that managed data will not be locked by an outside supplier.



OMNI360 is a budget-friendly platform—in terms of licensing, maintenance and development costs. Health and social services are facing unprecedented pressure and the demand for new and more dynamic ways to provide services continues to increase. OMNI360’s modular structure enables you to not only respond to changing requirements, but drive the change—allowing you to easily choose the technologies and service providers you want for your system. Our global reach means health and social-services experts stand ready to support you.






Step-by-step renewal

OMNI360’s development model, modular structure and open interfaces ensure you have the freedom to choose the features you like the most and the timetables you need. You can deploy the solution in phases with unprecedented flexibility and responsiveness.





OMNI360 Share collects disparate patient data in one place, making it easily and securely available and sharable across organizational boundaries. Better data access enables health professionals to more accurately evaluate patient care and free up time for interactions that enhance the patient experience. 

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Self-service registration is a digital workflow management system for the health and social services sectors. The solution allows the patient or customer to check in and receive information in a more efficient and automated manner. It also enhances and automates the process for calling in a medical professional.
Modern speech recognition quickly and easily produces text, providing your organization with a more efficient workflow that saves time and money while creating a better user experience. This solution includes vocabulary for specialized medical care, basic healthcare and social services, updated as new vocabulary is created. Artificial intelligence allows the application to constantly evolve—even adapting to the user’s style of speaking.
Merlot Medi is a management system for doctors in charge of emergency medical services (EMS), EMS supervisors and consulting physicians. The system transmits real-time data from the ambulance unit to hospitals and other emergency treatment facilities. With it, paramedics can make swift and correct decisions about a patient’s treatment at the site of an accident without a doctor being physically present. Merlot Medi is strongly integrated with emergency-care center and hospital information systems.