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Artificial Intelligence to play a central role in solution development CGI announced that it is partnering with Mustimuhw Information Solutions Inc. (MIS) to develop a fire prevention solution for First Nation communities across Canada. This project is part of the...

Responding to constituents’ questions regarding their health and safety is a top priority for government agencies around the world. Drawing upon a long-term partnership with the British Columbia Ministry of Health, CGI collaborated with Google and five provincial government agencies...

Diane Gutiw
Diane Gutiw

Embracing responsible AI in the move from automation to creation

August 31, 2023 As a data scientist and AI practitioner, I am excited to see so many positive AI use cases happening and being leveraged to bring quick information and insights to experts and business people – the potential of the rapidly evolving...

Doug Vargo headshot
Douglas Vargo

How automation is driving more patient-centric healthcare

August 17, 2023 The potential of automation, AI and emerging technologies to transform the patient experience Whether it's a chatbot on a doctor's website or text updates on a medical insurance claim, emerging technologies like automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are...

Jan Wemmel
Jan Wemmel

5 recommendations to accelerate connected healthcare

August 16, 2023 Globally, healthcare systems face serious challenges. Costs and demands are rising, while capacity is declining as workforce burnout and stress take their toll. One way to avoid drastic responses that limit services or shift significant costs to patients is to...

Francis D’Silva
Francis D’Silva

Reimagining hospitals: How to create people-centered facilities through digitalization

June 20, 2023 An aging population, rising healthcare costs and talent shortages are driving a new vision for hospitals and care facilities in many parts of the world. This vision reframes the traditional organization-centric care model by putting people at the center.

CGI has partnered with Helsinki University Hospital and Planmeca, a leading manufacturer of high-tech digital imaging devices, to develop an artificial intelligence (AI) solution that assists radiologists in interpreting brain CT scans and detecting the most common types of non-traumatic...