Visiting a hospital or doctor’s office can be a stressful experience. Fear of the unknown, crowded waiting rooms, navigating large medical complexes, and other stressors can combine with a patient’s illness or injury to impact their outlooks and outcomes. On the other hand, the availability of relevant, real-time information can reduce stress for patients.

CGI NaviProCare provides patients with advance information about upcoming medical procedures via their phones, computers or tablets. This includes how they should prepare—e.g., dietary limitations and what to bring—and what to expect during and after the visit. The solution also provides navigation to the facility as well as indoor navigation at the facility. Additional features include advanced orientation information, including the use of augmented reality to visualize the experience.

Medical professionals can use CGI NaviProCare to send real-time updates to patients and provide examination results and prescriptions. For medical facilities, the solution optimizes processes and improves efficiency by putting staff in control of scheduling, workload and more to reduce wait times and crowding.

Long term care

Key components of CGI NaviProCare

  • Smart booking system. Provides information during booking including names of medical staff, anticipated wait time and length of time the procedure will take.

  • Indoor navigation. Includes flexible physical and virtual navigation via augmented reality using wall QR codes and instructions that can be updated to account for new or temporary situations.

  • Information management. Provides information about procedures to the patient in advance, instructions for upcoming procedures, limitation and constraint monitoring and a medication summary.

  • Load distribution. Reduces wait times through smart distribution of patients in time and space and provides situational awareness of who is where.

  • Reporting and analysis. Provides bottleneck detection and information about department and office loads in real time.

  • Knowledge database. Includes an information system that can aggregate data from manual input or external sources, including health departments and insurance companies, and provide information to the user.

A single portal to address multiple user needs

CGI NaviProCare provides a single database made up of multiple user interfaces. These interfaces can be interactive or passive, personalized or anonymous—depending on the specific use case. The system currently includes the following interfaces:

  • Internet portal for patients
  • Responsive mobile portal with support for offline access and notifications
  • Interactive kiosk
  • Physical and digital navigation signs
  • A native mobile navigation application using augmented reality
  • Visitor information panels
  • Portal for medical facility personnel

Securely improving existing systems

CGI NaviProCare works with the IT solutions you already have in place. It is designed as an add-on to existing technology—including hospital information systems, service administration systems, data management systems and public websites.

Designed with an emphasis on data and system security, the solution limits the sensitive data needed and stores it in an anonymized format. For access to records, CGI NaviProCare uses a dedicated identity-management tool that determines which data is available, to whom it is available, and when it is available.

Applications for non-medical buildings, terminals, campuses and complexes

While designed for hospitals, CGI NaviProCare facilitates any process in which end-to-end, real-time information and navigation could improve efficiency and user experiences. These include:

  • Government and office buildings
  • Transportation terminals
  • Conference centers
  • Shopping centers
  • Universities and schools
  • Culture, entertainment and sports complexes
  • Large factories and logistic terminals

Read how we used CGI NaviProCare to help a local government improve access to public sports facilities in the Czech Republic.