For many years, our members in the Czech Republic have been committed to giving back to their communities, contributing their pro-bono expertise to non-profits and hospitals. Most recently, CGI consultants helped the Oaza Dolni Pocernice organization in Prague solve an issue affecting access to their sports facilities.

Among other services, Oaza operates public grounds where citizens can play soccer, tennis, volleyball and other sports. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, people often were booking time at the facilities but not arriving for their reservations, possibly due to health concerns. This led to the grounds staying unnecessarily unused and caused frustration for other visitors who were prevented from using the reserved spaces. In May 2021, our experts stepped up to help.

The CGI NaviProCare information, reservation, and navigation system was originally developed for use in hospitals, but it has the flexibility to be adapted universally. For Oaza, CGI NaviProCare solved the reservation problem with a contactless mobile check-in process. Using a visitor’s GPS position or a QR code reader, CGI NaviProCare verifies that the visitor has actually arrived at the facility, so the reserved time slot doesn’t remain unused. The system also provides the facility administrator with an overview of users who make reservations but do not use the facilities and restricts their future reservations.

The system limits the number of reservations a user can make in a given time period, and it has a module for making online payments by credit card.

Since the implementation of CGI NaviProCare by Oaza, same-day availability of facilities has increased to a level that accommodates all visitors, and user complaints about reservation problems have ceased.

To generate more ideas like this, CGI in Czech Republic launched the annual Corporate Social Responsibility Challenge in 2021. Through this initiative, we solicit new ideas from members, evaluate them, and develop selected ideas for implementation. The first CSR Challenge was held in January 2021, and the second is planned for January 2022.