Companies are looking for ways to hyper-personalize products and tasks to achieve optimal results, profile audiences for risk assessment and segmentation, and leverage digital channels for communication. CGI PulseAI Decision Engine, part of our CGI PulseAI intelligent platform, connects the dots in your data for intelligent journey orchestration and delivers an AI- and ML-driven approach for decision-marking that digitizes and enhances the customer experience, driving the next best-action. CGI Pulse Decision Engine helps organizations realize the future of intelligent customer engagement and improve decision processes from end to end.

Accelerate customer value with CGI PulseAI Decision Engine

  • Our domain expertise delivers AI/ML models that outperform off-the-shelf AI/ML solutions.
  • CGI PulseAI Decision Engine integrates with any robotic process automation tool through APIs, enabling you to enhance your orchestration infrastructure rather than start from scratch.
  • CGI PulseAI Decision Engine was built based on real-life projects with clients across finance, health care, telecom, and energy.
  • From training to deployment, we offer an end-to-end operational platform for AI/ML model development.