Service Integration and Management (SIAM)

Effective multisource service integration and management in the cloud age

IT delivery is evolving from a traditional on-premises model to a hybrid model combining cloud and traditional IT. Organizations are using a variety of sourcing approaches for this new dynamic, from full outsourcing to multisourcing to brokerage. For multisourcing scenarios, having an effective governance model for managing diverse providers and subcontractors is a critical success factor.

Because service integration has always been a key part of CGI’s IT outsourcing delivery model, we have a proven operational model for multisource service integration/service integration and management (MSI/SIAM) in the hybrid IT and cloud age.  

Operational Model for MSI/SIAM 

CGI's MSI/SIAM Reference Model

Based on our experience, there are a number of ways we can support your enterprise’s journey to an effective MSI/SIAM model.

MSI/SIAM advisory services

CGI can help build an MSI/SIAM blueprint and roadmap in collaboration with your stakeholders and ensure it is correctly managed and implemented.

MSI/SIAM function management

CGI can operate some or all aspects of the MSI/SIAM function in the following ways:

  • CIO agent: Serve as the CIO’s agent in managing IT providers and day-to-day delivery of services, as well as long-term transformation
  • Management structure: Provide a management structure that supports IT leaders and users and promotes open communication, accountability, problem resolution and alignment with business goals
  • Operating-level agreements: Implement comprehensive operating-level agreements (OLAs) defining how service providers will deliver services, interact to implement changes and resolve differences, report their activities and are managed by the MSI/SIAM function
  • Expert services desk: Operate an expert services desk to provide a single point of contact between users and service providers

Our MSI/SIAM experience has taught us how to operate effectively within this environment. We understand the framework and how to get the best out of it. As a result, we can support nearly any MSI/SIAM role.

Transitional MSI/SIAM

CGI also can help clients build the skills necessary to run their own MSI/SIAM function. We can transition our operation to them once they are ready to run it themselves.

CGI Unify360 hybrid IT management solution

Our CGI Unify360 hybrid IT management solution offers a platform, tools, as well as managed and advisory services to help solve many MSI/SIAM challenges by enabling:

  • Unified management of all IT environments, whether on-premises or cloud, private or public
  • Standards and compliance for security and governance
  • Brokerage-like functions such as service catalog, decision support, provisioning, workflow, aggregated billing and chargeback of multi-provider, multi-cloud environments
  • Transparency into service provider costs and performance through rigorous measurement tools. A single pane of glass view includes dashboards for estimated and ongoing consumption and spend, service availability and performance, as well as the cyber posture of the hybrid IT estate.
  • A drive towards continuous improvement among service providers through robust tools for measuring and managing provider performance. Tools and dashboards provide visibility into service performance, help-desk tracking and reporting, customer satisfaction and other information that strengthens governance.