The New South Wales Government, Department of Customer Service is pioneering digital licensing services within Australia for residents, businesses, and internal staff. Funded by its Digital Restart Fund (DRF), New South Wales established the Licensing Program to move licensing online to simplify applying for, renewing, and evidencing licenses across the state. However, to modernize, New South Wales (NSW) understood that it could not rely on its existing, outdated systems and selected Granicus’ AMANDA software to provide the core digitization platform to underpin its broader e.Regulation strategy.

The challenge

NSW wanted ways to make it quicker and easier for its customers, primarily citizens and businesses within the state, to adopt digital channels and self-service models, rather than relying on office opening times. Another priority was to create a seamless service that incorporated identity verification, automated approval processes and an integrated payment system – providing error-free license application and renewal turnaround, from the comfort of citizens’ homes or via their mobile devices. To achieve this, they recognized process simplification was key. They also wanted to build a strong digital foundation that included compliance and data analytics features to protect New South Wales communities as regulatory landscapes continue to change and evolve.

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$40 million
in benefits realized across Licensing programs (e.g. time saved and costs reduced) 2021-2023
9,800 fewer
walk-in Service NSW Centre visits from the previous year as customers complete licensing transactions online
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The solution

Seeking a global leader in technology services, the NSW Department of Customer Service engaged Granicus AMANDA® following a robust procurement process, and its partner CGI, a global leader in independent IT and business consulting services, to support a digital-first approach to licensing. Granicus’ AMANDA specializes in digitizing the end-to-end forms and workflows required to manage permits, licenses, and registrations for residents, businesses, and government, supporting schemes ranging from tradespersons, property and planning, to animals, gaming and environment protection. CGI is a Granicus Reseller and Implementation Partner.

The results

For New South Wales, removing customer roadblocks and wait times by digitizing licensing has helped the state meet contemporary expectations around customer self-service while making it easier for businesses to operate. With its Licence.NSW platform, New South Wales, powered by Granicus’ AMANDA and implementation services from CGI, better serves its customers while driving operational efficiencies behind the scenes with staff.

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