Extreme temperatures and urbanization are both set to dramatically increase in cities around the world. The resulting loss of green and blue areas, heat stress and air pollution are all key areas affecting citizens’ quality of life and neighborhood-specific living conditions. Increasingly, municipal-level players are prioritizing these issues and seeking new solutions to monitor and address the impact on their local communities.

Using Earth observation (EO) data, we help clients identify green spaces, urban heat islands and living conditions at the neighborhood level. Our novel Healthy Urban Habitat (HUH) index further analyzes and classifies these living conditions based on urban green and blue availability, urban heat stress and air pollution to assist with greening actions.

Specifically, CGI’s EO solutions for healthier cities help to:

  • Identify each household’s accessibility to green and blue infrastructure
  • Identify changes to land use and the impact on healthy living and urban heat stress
  • Assist with greening actions by identifying the effects of green and blue spaces on local temperatures

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