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CGI CustomerAdvance: omnichannel CRM

CGI CustomerAdvance combines a global contact center network, business process services, omnichannel customer relationship management (CRM) software and an advanced telephony platform.

CGI Data2Diamonds

CGI’s Data2Diamonds brings vision, enterprise intelligence, engineering, and management to your organization’s data

CGI DataTwin360

The CGI DataTwin360 platform aggregates complex data sets from multiple sources (such as IoT, sensor and system log information such as the Central Processing Unit (CPU)) and transforms them into actionable insights for a variety of stakeholders.

CGI Digishore: AI-powered technology modernization

CGI Digishore solves the legacy challenge with an AI assisted platform that automates the process of moving to a modernized codebase, without past documentation or legacy experts.

CGI DigitalTrust360

CGI DigitalTrust360 helps organizations streamline and digitize business processes to improve operational efficiency, cost savings and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

CGI DynamicProcess360

CGI DynamicProcess360 is unified, scalable enterprise platform for end-to-end process orchestration and monitoring.

CGI eGov360: Accelerating your digital transformation

CGI eGov360 provides modular and customizable digital case and document management capabilities for public organizations, especially those handling sensitive data. It digitalizes the creation, handling, archiving and publishing of information and documents.

CGI Elements360 Workbench: Modern underwriting solution

CGI Elements360 Workbench is an open, modular and extendable underwriting workbench that helps underwriters focus their time on core business, while reducing the administrative tasks associated with underwriting activities.

CGI EnvironmentMonitor360

Earth observation (EO) data and applications are increasingly used to manage assets such as buildings, facilities and large land areas. CGI EnvironmentMonitor360 uses satellite imagery to help organizations you assess risks and damage caused from natural events.

CGI ePayslip

CGI ePayslip enables employees to access their payslips online easily while saving employers costs and driving sustainability.

CGI FXSuite360

Foreign Exchange solution A complete front- to back-office foreign exchange system built and supported by industry specialists

CGI GeoData360

CGI GeoData360 is our production platform for Earth observation (EO) and geospatial (Geo) services. CGI GeoData360 is designed for long-running, large-scale production pipelines as a platform-as-a-service. It supports deep customization and extension, enabling production workflows that consume EO and Geo data to produce valuable business information and run cost efficiently at scale.

CGI GovernWise360: Microsoft 365 governance

CGI GovernWise360 is an intelligent control center that serves as your compass to navigate the ever-evolving Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

CGI Hotscan360

CGI HotScan360 is a comprehensive and versatile risk management platform that provides real-time fraud detection, payments filtering, know your customer and customer due diligence capabilities, along with anti-money laundering transaction monitoring.

CGI Machine Vision: AI-powered visual monitoring

CGI Machine Vision applies edge AI and machine learning to interpret videos and images, and solve vision-oriented challenges in monitoring assets.

CGI Mobilog Home Health Care

The demand for home health care is growing dramatically, along with the need for more effective ways of providing home health care services. Patients require humane, safe and cost-effective care in their homes, while providers need to drive efficiencies and save costs.

CGI Mobilog Workforce Management

Managing a mobile workforce can be complex and hectic. Dealing with absences unexpected work orders and scheduling issues are the norm. Important information can be missed and records can be inaccurate, especially when not managed in real time.

CGI MOSAIC Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system

CGI’s MOSAIC is a powerful supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system that satisfies a full range of requirements for supervisory real-time data acquisition and control.

CGI NaviProCare

CGI NaviProCare guides patients through the entire medical process, with interactive user interfaces that provide navigation and other relevant information—before, during and after appointments.

CGI Notify

CGI Notify has an intuitive interface for managing and sending alerts and messages to a customer base or workforce. Its powerful search capability makes finding contacts or groups quick and easy. Adding groups and individual members to notifications also is simple and fast.