CGI ePayslip enables employees to access their payslips online easily while saving employers costs and driving sustainability. Employees can view their payslips via their online banking services or using CGI ePayslip Mobile.

Benefits of CGI ePayslip

  • Improved employee experience – Employees can access their payslips online at any time and from any place
  • Regulatory compliance – Payslips are stored for seven years in compliance with regulatory requirements for archiving employee pay details
  • Cost and time reductions – Digital payslips save companies money and time by eliminating the need for printing and mailing.
  • Greater sustainability – Eliminating paper drives sustainability
  • Mobile accessibility – With the CGI ePayslip mobile app, employees can browse their payslips and examine their pay details within an hour of their employer’s pay run. Payslips are stored for seven years in the mobile application as well.
  • Enhanced security – CGI ePayslip offers the same security technology used in online banking services.