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CGI OpenMedia newsroom solutions

The enterprise newsroom system OpenMedia provides journalists with all the functionality they need to accomplish their jobs. The core system includes searching agency wires, scheduling broadcasts, managing video and audio clips and writing and distributing news stories. OpenMedia means collaboration. From innovative research and planning tools and scripting, to multi-platform output,OpenMedia manages the complete journalistic workflow.

CGI OpenMedia Test Services

The new OpenMedia Test Services leverages our advanced in-house test capabilities to conduct UAT in the broadcaster’s own software environment, shrinking testing time from months to weeks and dramatically reducing the amount of resources required to complete successful testing and acceptance.

CGI Participation Next

Citizen participation, self-empowerment, DIY-democracy, etc., are all good concepts, but how can we achieve them in practice? Municipalities play an important role in encouraging residents and organizations to participate and actively engage with fellow members of their communities. Participation Next is a unique, socially intelligent platform that enables residents to find and connect with each other in a fun and easy way.

CGI Payment Controls Consultancy Program

CGI’s Payment Controls Consultancy Program offers innovative services to transform payment processing and minimize fraud.

CGI PayPartner360

CGI PayPartner360, our next-generation consumer payment services software as a service solution, delivers a single integrated issuing and acceptance platform for the retail finance and retail oil and gas sectors.

CGI Pivot

CGI Pivot is an instant and cost-effective SaaS-based implementation of the OSDU Data Platform that helps you unlock the value of data in minutes and make fast, insight-led business decisions.

CGI Profio360: project-based ERP

CGI Profio360 is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for the manufacturing industry and project-based businesses that covers all supply chain functions from production and operations to finance and sales.

CGI ProperPay

If you need a proven way to predict, identify, manage and recover improper payments, driven by advanced analytics, discover CGI ProperPay. Since 1990, our solution has helped payers / insurers improve payment integrity and recover well over $3 billion in improper payments.

CGI PulseAI: Human-assisted intelligence

Driven by artificial intelligence, CGI PulseAI is a hyper-automation platform that enables clients to drive efficiencies and cost reduction through intelligent process automation.

CGI Retail Suite: unified sales platform

CGI Retail Suite is a powerful modular solution that is built using an open architecture approach, enabling retail organizations to rapidly adapt to new business realities. The solution enables retailers to increase their end-to-end agility—right from supply to the end customer—and transform quickly through continuous innovation.


CGI RFS360 offers rich functionality to help you design your financial institution and effectively manage your cash dispensing, teller, online and call center banking activities.

CGI Sense360

Whether a crisis is caused by natural or human factors, up-to-date information is critical for safe and successful rescue and recovery operations. Using comprehensive data sources, artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR), CGI Sense360 platform provides situational awareness information that helps accelerate the necessary response.

CGI SiteReliability360: Hybrid IT infrastructure solution

CGI SiteReliability360 is a hybrid IT management platform that enables reliability through high-availability deployments across any underlying private or public clouds.

CGI Smart Case

CGI Smart Case is an integrated and intelligent deep-learning solution that automates, accelerates and improves the processing of customer services, optimizes operations and supports regulatory compliance.

CGI TestSavvy

CGI TestSavvy is transforming the world of application quality assurance (QA) testing with a unique and compelling approach to test automation.


AI is making significant contributions to the way organizations analyze and develop data and content. CGI TextAI is a low-code, end-to-end, customizable data and AI platform to efficiently analyze and...

CGI Trade360

CGI Trade360 delivers all of the software, infrastructure and support resources necessary to power a bank’s global trade business. Delivered as a software as a service (SaaS), CGI Trade360 enables banks to provide the full range of traditional trade, payables, receivables and cash management services to their customers—anywhere, anytime—on a single, integrated and global platform.

CGI TrustedFabric

CGI TrustedFabric allows data to flow securely across various entities and is purpose-built to address the critical tenets required for effective and trusted data-sharing to drive interoperability across complex organizations while protecting data owners.


CGI’s TWIN360 is a market-leading system designed to optimize the end-to-end treasury and asset management life cycle for organizations operating in a global, multi-site, multi-currency, multi-user and multi-instrument environment.