Mobile regulatory enforcement

Smart mobility gives public and private organizations an unprecedented ability to collect and distribute key compliance and safety information while increasing productivity and reducing costs. To keep up with safety, regulatory compliance, and code enforcement/surveillance demands, these organizations need to optimize their processes and enable their workforces to make quick, informed decisions.

A proven solution

CGI OnCue360 is a mobile regulatory enforcement and field data collection solution that enables organizations to improve decision making and workforce productivity.

The CGI OnCue360 application allows smartphones and tablets to capture and share information in real time. With a powerful scheduling and routing module, the administration portal helps organizations increase productivity and reduce travel time while lowering administration and management costs through robust automation.

Using the latest smartphone technology, an inspector may quickly collect or verify information, take photographs, and collect signatures. Your workforce receives and transmits data from their iPhone or Android smartphone or tablet in real-time. Inspectors and field agents in remote locations can work offline even without connectivity.

CGI OnCue360 supports advanced scheduling, routing and workflow engines that complement the mobile inspection platform.

For organizations desiring to offload their inspection and/or back-office processes, CGI OnCue360 offers  a comprehensive service leveraging our proven technology. For example, in the housing industry, our inspection services for housing authorities including conducting inspections and re-inspections in accordance with HUD regulations and guidelines. We also provide scheduling, automated appointment reminders, call center operations, owner/agent/tenant portals, inspection result notifications, and self-certification management.

Management in the office

  • Scheduling made easy. Track automated schedule and route efficiencies for your field agents.
  • Review and edit field data. View results uploaded from the field including comments and photos collected during the visit.
  • Custom Workflows. CGI OnCue360’s robust and dynamic workflow engine allows proper execution of business process rules and operations. You can customize the workflow process to match your needs for every type of review or inspection.

Performance in the field

  • Provide an easy-to-use tool. With familiar mobile application navigation and ease-of-use features, a field agent can call their contact, get directions to the appointment, collect data, take digital photographs, scan bar codes, and collect signature when completed.
  • Collect results. CGI OnCue360 makes it easy to collect and input all types of data to support and automate code enforcement and regulatory onsite reviews
  • No signal? No problem. Field agents can work offline where there may be no Internet connectivity. Without a signal, agents can still perform their work as needed and the app will transmit the data when a connection is restored.

Real experience, proven results

With hundreds of thousands of inspections nationwide, CGI OnCue360 has delivered process efficiency, improved data quality and reduced workloads for hundreds of regulatory inspectors nationwide.