A comprehensive ERP system for manufacturers and construction companies

Construction and manufacturing companies that use a project-driven approach have specific information and process control requirements. Moreover, making the right decisions in rapidly evolving situations across the supply chain requires secure and easy access to high-quality information from anywhere and at any time.

CGI Profio360 provides remarkable project monitoring capabilities as all project data can be linked to the various supply chain functions. It transforms project delivery through reliable and real-time information and transparency while driving improvements across operations.

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Benefits of CGI Profio360

  • Comprehensive ERP solution specifically built for manufacturing and construction industries
  • All functionality is linked to projects, regardless of project size
  • Industry best practices and innovations help to streamline operations
  • A unique toolkit to manage project schedules, resourcing and budgets
  • Purchasing and sales portals significantly shorten production lead times
  • Mobile functionality enables easy and fast reporting of work and working hours, regardless of time and place, making reporting especially easier for field workers

Overview of CGI Profio360

CGI Profio360 includes everything you need to control your operations and business. The solution uses industry best practices, streamlines project-driven business processes and increases the transparency of information and operations. With CGI Profio360, manufacturing practices honed for years are now also available to the rapidly digitizing construction industry.

A unified data management platform, CGI Profio360, provides high-quality information for business planning, analytics and the application of artificial intelligence. In addition, the solution’s mobile and web interfaces enable users to access the platform’s full functionality anywhere and at any time.