Modular, scalable and adaptable across industries

Offering the only standard enterprise resource planning (ERP) and manufacturing execution system (MES) for pharmaceutical companies, CGI BICEPS delivers an end-to-end computer-aided production chain.

It adapts to your individual requirements, enabling smaller entry-level solutions to expand step-by-step and easily scaling for the implementation of stand-alone solutions or highly complex control systems.

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The benefits of process automation

  • Shortens implementation time
  • Offers broad functionality with modular design
  • Covers the complete manufacturing process
  • Clarifies manufacturing costs
  • Provides simple, goal-oriented user guidance
  • Delivers built-in quality control
  • Uses innovative technologies including radio frequency identification (RFID)
  • Upholds electronic records and electronic signature (ERES) to comply with 21 Code of Federal Regulation (CFR) Part 11
  • Provides validation support

Efficient, reliable, integrated

CGI BICEPS helps ensure quality, efficiency, and safety by enabling the integration of the following systems:

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for Business Administration 

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) for Operational Logistics

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) for Production

Quality Management Systems (QMS) for Laboratories

Reference data

Collect and streamline your master data related to materials, business partners, warehouses, workstations, users, authorizations and more.

Buying and selling

Securely manage the manufacturer and supplier data required for purchasing and sales, including addresses, contacts, delivery and payment conditions, pricing, discounts, and more. Orders and confirmations are prepared as PDFs and emailed directly to suppliers and customers.

Material requirements planning (MRP)

Define and track whether a material is planned for stock or demand.


Map your warehouse topology and all storage, retrieval, and transfer strategies to enable flexible warehouse structuring. Obtain real-time information about each container, batch, material or load carrier.

Resource planning

Track and calculate throughput and load times for all plan-relevant operations.

Manufacturing and packaging orders

Manage variables for manufacturing and packaging orders to streamline the material flow in batch production. Small quantity weighing, yield determination and packaging can be assigned to required materials and quantities, making it possible to efficiently control the flow of materials in batch production. Documentation is generated to comply with good manufacturing practices (GmP).

Machine data acquisition

Data can be seamlessly transferred from production machines, even when machines lack a direct interface.


Based on test specifications that are stored for each material or material class, batch-related test orders and sample moves are automatically generated for the following,

  • Receipt of raw materials or packaging materials
  • Production of intermediate products
  • Completion of final products
  • In-process control during the manufacturing process
  • Periodic stability control testing

Required inspections are specified in the inspection order and the test order for a batch must be successfully completed before a batch release is possible.


Comply with serialization and GmP requirements throughout your entire process —from the generation of the serial numbers to the transfer of the data to different hubs.


Streamline and automate the delivery process including creating and updating shipping documents and sales orders. Mobile devices increase flexibility, accuracy and processing speed.

Regulatory services

Our deep industry expertise enables pharma, biotech, and medical device firms to transform their business and drive performance, compliance, and digital connectivity.