One of the constant challenges that broadcasters face is User Acceptance Testing (UAT) of new software iterations. This issue increases considerably with the complexity of software, meaning that the testing of the current generation of newsroom computer systems (NRCS), such as OpenMedia, can extend into months as each and every configuration is tested in a host of real-world environments across multiple sites. As a result, broadcasters have to sink considerable resources, both in terms of time and personnel, to maintain a program of UAT across their organization, with all the potential disruption that entails.

The new OpenMedia Test Services leverages our advanced in-house test capabilities to conduct UAT in the broadcaster’s own software environment—shrinking testing time from months to weeks and dramatically reducing the amount of resources required to complete successful testing and acceptance.

The OpenMedia Test Services' advantage

The use of OpenMedia Test Services offers several advantages to broadcasters. It introduces a uniform and standardized test procedure that is provided centrally via a corresponding service model that also factors in change management and installation. It also involves broadcasters directly in the release management alongside CGI’s existing expertise in both OpenMedia and the automation framework.

Hand typing on a keyboard in front of two computer screens working with test services

The power of automation 

Data from our testing suggests a dramatic reduction in manual test cases. A major national broadcaster can be forced to undertake over 400 manual tests, taking five employees around three months after the release to complete. We estimate that 350 of these tests can be automated using OpenMedia Test Services, allowing a two-member team to compete the UAT successfully in one to two weeks before the release—saving considerable time and money.

By speeding up the testing process, media organizations can:

  • Implement timely rollout of new software releases, ensuring they stay up-to-date and have access to the latest features and capabilities.
  • It also enables them to divert scarce resources elsewhere in their organization where they are most needed.


Future developments 

While the OpenMedia Test Services are initially linked to OpenMedia software installations, future plans include a rollout of the OpenMedia Test Services model across multiple CGI software packages, providing the same scale of time savings and resource efficiencies to more customers in more areas of their media business.