Using advanced data visualization, CGI OpenMedia Insights provides a range of user-configurable dashboards that deliver an instant graphical overview of key editorial operational areas for any period of time.

Analyst reviews data

For example, users can visualize,

  • Stories per playout path in the last 24 hours

  • Stories created per editorial office on a weekly basis

  • The agency that supplied the most stories over the past year

  • Total number of stories created about a specific keyword

CGI OpenMedia Insights is the ideal tool for:

  1. Analyzing story-centric workflow performance in modern newsrooms

  2. Balancing resources

  3. Identifying areas for future investment and development

Key features

  • CGI OpenMedia compatibility for ease of installation and use
  • Advanced data visualization to improve trend analysis and decision making
  • User configurable dashboards to deliver deeper insights
  • At-a-glance view of editorial operation to improve reporting and performance management
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