CGI OpenMedia Metrics provides newsroom administrators with real-time data tracking and rich visualizations of their system’s performance, empowering them to make data-driven decisions that optimize daily news production.

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Installed as a complete package based on open-source products, CGI OpenMedia Metrics can integrate into your existing monitoring and business intelligence tools. Its range of preconfigured, extendable or customizable dashboards provide instant insight into newsroom system status and performance including, 

  • Live data of hardware and server performance indicators
  • Interfaces to other systems
  • Web services
  • Remaining lifespan of certificates
  • Number of currently active users

Key features

  • Cross-platform, browser-based monitoring is easy to install and use
  • Easy-to-grasp visualization of newsroom system's health facilitates performance management
  • Real-time data tracking allows administrators to keep a close pulse on performance
  • Customizable dashboards allow administrators to focus on key metrics
  • Customizable alert rules allow administrators to identify problems before they occur, and spot repeating bottlenecks to improve and optimize the system
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