Advanced algorithms to predict hidden patterns and anomalies within the entire claims data universe and identify high-potential claims for recovery



Analytics to prevent fraudulent activity and keep patients safer, easily identify patterns, research claims, and audit data through dashboards



CGI ProperPay meets a broad set of international and industry-specific compliance standards



Technology to identify, stop and recover improper payments to preserve healthcare funds and revenue

Reduce wasteful spend

We’ve helped clients recover over $3 billion in improperly paid claims.


Speed implementation and delivery

Our implementation timeframe is 6-8 weeks vs. the typical 6-9 months.

Maintain compliance

Expert services are provided by clinicians and analysts who understand the business.


Prevent future errors

Advanced analytical techniques detect trends and patterns that identify improper payment scenarios before they happen and select cases for review.

Adapt and scale to your specific needs

We understand the needs of, and differences between, payers / insurers, and adapt solution implementation to address your needs.


Protect provider relationships

We help you reduce hospital / provider abrasion with low false-positive rates and effective communication and feedback of results.

Recovery audit solutions

recovery audit solution

Recovery audit solutions

Helping clients recover lost revenue

Reimbursement solutions

reimbursement solutions

Reimbursement solutions

Enabling effective medical reimbursements