Five U.S. state Medicaid health plans needed to manage the end-to-end payment audit workflow, detect and prevent fraudulent payments and manage data.

CGI ProperPay solves these challenges by managing audits, aligning with payer /insurers policies, issuing findings to providers and providing reporting capabilities.

Value delivered

  • Provided support for Medicaid audits for health plans in five states
  • Leveraged machine learning capabilities, developed a model to prevent false positives and generate new audit scenarios
  • Furnished a centralized repository of audited case results and a state-of-the-art system, streamlining the auditing process
  • Implemented a provider web portal to enable transparency

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CGI’s innovative suite of payment accuracy solutions delivers the best complex-audit-review overturn rates in the market, along with proactive feedback to prevent future errors, enabling payers / insurers to continuously ensure claims payment accuracy while maintaining the highest level of compliance.