Connecting citizens

Citizen participation, self-empowerment, DIY-democracy, etc., are all good concepts, but how can we achieve them in practice? Municipalities play an important role in encouraging residents and organizations to participate and actively engage with fellow members of their communities. Participation Next is a unique, socially intelligent platform that enables residents to find and connect with each other in a fun and easy way.

Participation Next enables tangible demonstration of citizen participation. This innovative platform helps municipalities connect citizens, organizations and local initiatives based on their interests, connections and location making participation easier and more fun.

How it works

While Participation Next may resemble a social media platform like Facebook, it is specifically designed to encourage and facilitate citizen participation. The easy-to-use platform allows users to create a profile highlighting areas of interest in which they currently are active, or want to be active. The system connects users, organizations and local initiatives together.

Gamification enables participation points

Participation Next includes a game element to make participation even more enjoyable. Users can accumulate virtual ''participation points'' that can be redeemed for rewards such as services from the municipality. A municipality could award additional virtual points to simulate participation in a particular activity.

Benefits for the municipality

Neighborhoods where residents participate, or want to participate, in activities together are often more pleasant, safer neighborhoods. Municipalities can encourage such environments using Participation Next. The platform also helps them encourage citizens who may have an interest, but are reluctant to join in. It makes it much easier for citizens to that first step to participate in neighborhood, village or city activities, when those activities are clearly listed and presented in a personalized manner. The municipality also gains better information about which activities are going well, and which need extra attention to help steer and stimulate participation.