Foreign Exchange solution

A complete front- to back-office foreign exchange system built and supported by industry specialists

What is the Foreign Exchange solution?

The diverse and competitive environment of global wholesale banking has created increasing pressure on market participants to conform to new industry standards, deploy Web-enabled customer tools, and increase straight-through processing efficiencies. The CGI Foreign Exchange solution was designed by industry specialists to meet these challenges, enabling financial institutions to offer an advanced foreign exchange product to their customers via the Internet.

The Foreign Exchange solution is comprised of three powerful components:

  • Object Charlie: Full front- to back-office foreign exchange application
  • Open Interface: Adaptable foreign exchange transaction processing engine and messaging system
  • Chapel WebFX: Powerful Java/HTML Web foreign exchange application with an embedded liquidity engine

How does Object Charlie work?

Object Charlie is a complete front- to back-office foreign exchange application incorporating:

  • Deal capture interfaces
  • Position management
  • Counter party risk management
  • Settlement instruction management
  • Payment message formatting (Swift/DDA/Fedwire, etc.)
  • FX Journal/General Ledger
  • Payment netting (bilateral/multilateral/CLS)
  • Nostro/Vostro account management

How does Open Interface work?

Open Interface has more than 35 existing production-ready interfaces including:

  • Third-party vendor or internally developed legacy Forex systems
  • Reuters/EBS electronic brokerage
  • Money transfer/payment systems
  • Real-time DDA
  • Nostro reconciliation systems
  • External G/L systems
  • Reuters/Bloomberg live rate feed compatibility
  • Custodial systems

How does Chapel WebFX work?

The Chapel WebFX robust feature set includes:

  • Outright, swap and same currency transfer transaction capture
  • Support for orders, quotes and bulk pricing
  • User specified or bank repetitive settlement instructions
  • Support for wire payments and customer-site draft printing
  • Pre-defined customer transaction templates
  • Custom pricing scenarios based on client and currency
  • Front-office rate interception based on custom business rules
  • Definable user and client trading limits by currency pair
  • Online, real-time report production and queries

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